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Showing 1 - 24 of 164 products
drain opener
Drain Unclogger
Sale price£21.70 Regular price£26.55
universal leather repair kit
Universal leather repair kit
Sale price£21.55 Regular price£26.33
faucet softener
Filtering shower head
Sale price£31.51 Regular price£44.02
portable electric food box
Portable electric food box
Sale price£36.49 Regular price£51.98
shoe storage boxshoe storage box
Storage Box for Shoes
Sale priceFrom £23.67 Regular price£31.47
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French Fry Cutting Machine
French fries cutting machine
Sale price£29.56 Regular price£40.90
board hook without hole
Seamless Adhesive Hook Kit 24 pieces
Sale price£18.78 Regular price£23.65
hyper absorbent magic carpetsuper absorbent magic carpet
Hyper Absorbent Magic Carpet
Sale priceFrom £27.61 Regular price£37.78
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multicolor spandex seat cover
Multicolored spandex seat cover
Sale price£16.72 Regular price£20.35
4 piece pom-pom making kit
Pump manufacturing kit (4 pieces)
Sale price£19.73 Regular price£25.17
reusable bag in 3 sizes 12 pieces
Reusable bags in 3 sizes ( 12 pieces )
Sale price£24.66 Regular price£33.06
adjustable kitchen storage board
Kitchen Adjustable storage board
Sale priceFrom £25.64 Regular price£34.62
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devier triangular rackstriangular devier stand
Triangular sink drainer
Sale price£15.80 Regular price£27.28
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shower head refill beads
Shower head refill beads
Sale price£16.77 Regular price£20.43
kitchen sink storage rack
Dish Drying Rack Over Sink Adjustable
Sale price£21.70 Regular price£28.32
dry cleaning foam
Dry cleaning foam
Sale price£18.71 Regular price£23.54
express steam dryer
Express Steam Steamer
Sale price£42.35 Regular price£61.36
reusable beeswax cling film
Reusable beeswax food film (set of 3 sizes)
Sale price£22.68 Regular price£29.89
spaghetti portion measuring tool
Tool for measuring spaghetti portions
Sale price£17.73 Regular price£21.97
fruit and vegetable cutter
Pieces Cutter for fruits and vegetables
Sale price£19.73 Regular price£25.17
sink cleaner and unblocker
Unclogger cleaner for sinks and wash basins
Sale price£22.24 Regular price£29.18
reusable zip lock food containerreusable zip lock food container
Reusable zippered food container
Sale priceFrom £22.68 Regular price£29.89
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pastry cutter roulettepastry cutter roulette
Pastry wheel cutter
Sale priceFrom £15.59 Regular price£18.54
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wall clock without frame
Frameless wall clock
Sale price£26.58 Regular price£36.13