Hyper Absorbent Magic Carpet

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Tired of seeing your kids drag dirt around the house

 Our entrance mat has an amazing absorption capacity, much higher than cotton or other synthetic materials thanks to its microfibers being 50 times thinner than a human hair.

Indeed, these microfibers clean instantly at the slightest rubbing, while drying your feet properly and avoiding any unsightly marks on your floor, especially if it is light.

You won't have to yell at everyone who walks through the door to take off their shoes. 

Hyper Absorbent Magic Carpet
Hyper Absorbent Magic Carpet

🔶 100% efficiency guaranteed: Thanks to its ultra-absorbent bristles, it can bind dirt, dust, and moisture. Keep your interior always clean by avoiding dirty footprints at the entrance 

🔶 Maintain it easily: This magic carpet is perfect for any entrance: ultra-thin, light, and original! You can machine wash it and dry it in dryers at low temperatures.

Absorbent Carpet : Non-slip mat: Compared to traditional rubber-backed mats, this magic carpet has a backing made of safe, stain-resistant, non-slip NEOPRENE.

No more rubber smell or stains on the floor!

With this non-slip PVC backing, easily wipe your feet while keeping dust, mud, or stubborn dirt out of your home.  


  • Dimensions : 40 x 60 cm  

  • Thickness: 7 à 8 mm 

  • Choice of colors: light grey / dark khaki

  • Resistant and durable to wear  

  • Non-slip PVC backing


  • 1 * Mat                                             

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