Drain Unclogger

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Are your pipes still clogged ? 

 Get our drain uncloggerto get rid of hair, food scraps, or dirt clogging the drains of your sink, washbasin, bathroom, hand wash basin, bathtubs, or even toilet.

Drain Unclogger
Drain Unclogger
Drain Unclogger
Drain Unclogger

🔶 Lightweight and compact: convenient, easy to carry, fast, and effective. No more need for chemical uncloggers causing undesirable reactions.

🔶 High adaptation: easily adapts to all types of pipes. This innovative tool is machine washable.

🔶 No risk of foul odor: the water jet it releases is powerful and pushes the dirt inside.

Instructions for use :

Step 1: Put water in the tank.

The first thing to do is to fill the tank of your drain opener with water. How do you do this? Simply turn the unclogger so that its larger end is facing up. Then, all you have to do is fill it up, avoiding any overflow. 

 Step 2: Turn the drain opener

Once the tank is filled with water, turn the tool very quickly. To evacuate the water into the drain, put the drain unclogger right on top and press on the black, round part. 

Step 3:

To check that the drain is unclogged, simply remove the drain unclogger from the sink. If the drain still remains clogged after all these steps, please repeat the pushing step again 


  • Taille : 7 cm, 10 cm, 17 cm  

  • Material: Silica gel


  • 1 Drain Unclogger             

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