Dry cleaning foam

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Do your clothes have persistent stains? This is the solution.  

This cleaning foam based onnatural products is more effective than an ordinary soap. Its composition completely disintegrates all the stains which are on your clean clothes, shoes or sports bag. This product is odorless. It removes your stains in no time.

This cleaning foam also allows to find the freshness of your clothes. 

Dry cleaning foam
Dry cleaning foam

🔶CLOTHES, SHOES, BAGS AND WASHING MACHINE CLEANING: This product is suitable for cleaning clothes, shoes, sofa, sports bags, as well as the washing machine. It is also a deodorizer and a stain remover to disinfect the washing machine. 

🔶 NATURAL FORMULA: This dry cleaning foam is made from natural products. Not only does it eliminate bad odors, but it also removes the most stubborn stains. This foam without harmful products is effective for your washings. 

The foam is available in a 150 ml bottle. Apply it by spraying your stains or by mixing it with hot water from your washing machine.


  • Volume : 150 ml               


  • 1 x Dry cleaning foam    

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