French fries cutting machine

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Give your family nice and crispy french fries with this fry slicer! 

Enjoy this French fry cutter, offered with a 2-in-1 microwave container. It will give you delicious, crispy fries. Plus, they're less greasy because they don't go through frying oil.

 Save a lot of time without compromising on thequality of your fries.

French fries cutting machine
French fries cutting machine

🔶 Use this French fry slicer to quickly prepare crispy home fries. To do this, you place the potato under the slicer and press firmly. 

🔶 It is suitable for medium-sized potatoes.

For slightly larger potatoes, divide them in half before slicing. 

It is a very good quality slicer. It is also easy to carry, light weight.

This slicer facilitates the cutting of potatoes. It also allows to have nice fries quickly.


  • Color : Red 

  • Material: ABS  

  • Estimated weight: About 355 g      


  • 1 * French Fry Cutting Machine   

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