Multicolored spandex seat cover

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Need an idea to quickly improve the decoration of your interior? Opt for these multicolored chair covers!

This Multicolored Chair CoverExpandable allows you to change the decoration of your home. It is available in several colors and patterns

Multicolored spandex seat cover
Multicolored spandex seat cover

🔶  It is also intended to protect your chairs from possible stains and dirt that can get on your cushions from dirt and food stains.   

🔶 You can use it for all your events or install it permanently. The installation is very easy.

Choose from a variety of stylish colors and patterns. Choose these stylish and durable non-slip covers. They are equipped with elastic bands. 

These covers keep your chairs clean and comfortable, protect against spills and daily wear and tear. They are ideal for families with children and pets.  


  • Standard size and expandable cover to fit all chair sizes.  

  • Crease-resistant and stain-resistant fabric. Offers ease of cleaning and is reusable.  

  • Is offered in different patterns, but also in various colors  


  • 1 pc. x Multicolor Chair Cover Extendable                                 

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