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Storage Box for Shoes

Storage Box for Shoes

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Looking for a quick and easy way to store your shoes?

 Optimizing the storage of your shoes with our storage box has never been easier, it is the ideal solution for clean and durable storage

 At a glance, view the contents of the boxes so you don't waste any more time when choosing your shoes.

Storage Box for Shoes
Storage Box for Shoes
Storage Box for Shoes
Storage Box for Shoes

🔶 Super convenient! Modern design, amazing experience. Storage box with a drawer to keep dust out. Easily store and remove your shoes with one easy step and effortless.

🔶 Each compartment has an easily accessible swing door, and two semi-transparent sides, front and back, so you can recognize your shoes at a glance.

🔶 Our storage boxes have sliding, transparent front doors. It also has side vents to prevent bad odors.


This shoe storage box takes up little space and can be set up in minutes without the use of tools.


  • Size: 23,5 x 33,5 x 42,5 cm   

  • Material: PP  

  • Ideal for: Bedroom, living room, storage room, terrace                


  • Set of 3 /6 /9 or 12 pieces Shoe Storage Boxes     

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