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Showing 1 - 24 of 52 products
SALES 2023
screw extractor
Screw Extractor
Sale price£32.59 Regular price£57.18
SALES 2023
wood dowel template set
Woodworking Dowel Jig Set
Sale price£21.70 Regular price£28.32
SALES 2023
wire connector kitwire connector kit
Wire Connector Kit
Sale priceFrom £18.69 Regular price£23.50
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SALES 2023
leveling system for tiles
Tile levelling system set
Sale price£23.67 Regular price£31.47
SALES 2023
iphone ultra thin case with heat sink iphone ultra thin case with heat sink iphone ultra thin case with heat sink
Heavy-duty construction helmet with solar-powered fan
Sale price£32.94 Regular price£46.30
SALES 2023
rotary punch for leather straps
Revolving Punch Plier Kit for leather straps
Sale price£18.69 Regular price£23.50
SALES 2023
titanium drill bit
Titanium Drill Bit
Sale priceFrom £18.20 Regular price£30.61
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SALES 2023
air compressor for car tires
Air compressor for car tires
Sale price£25.64 Regular price£34.62
SALES 2023
electric cable stripper twisting tool
Electric cable stripping tool
Sale price£19.18 Regular price£24.29
SALES 2023
electrically conductive paint pen
Conductive electric paint pen
Sale price£32.54 Regular price£45.66
SALES 2023
scotch double face adhesive
Double-sided adhesive tape
Sale priceFrom £20.17 Regular price£25.87
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SALES 2023
deburring machine
Deburring bit
Sale price£22.14 Regular price£29.02
SALES 2023
rivet gun
Rivet gun
Sale price£25.68 Regular price£34.69
SALES 2023
self-adhesive caulking tape
Self-adhesive caulking tape
Sale price£16.62 Regular price£20.19
SALES 2023
mini portable electric air pump
Mini portable electric air pump
Sale price£53.27 Regular price£70.83
SALES 2023
new carpenter's rule 90 degrees 3d
New 3D 90 degree carpenter's ruler
Sale price£19.70 Regular price£25.12
SALES 2023
caulking finish tips
End caps for caulking finish
Sale price£27.61 Regular price£47.22
SALES 2023
manual plasterboard holder
Manual plate holder
Sale price£34.02 Regular price£42.03
SALES 2023
portable cordless soldering station
Portable wireless welding station
Sale price£103.48 Regular price£139.27
SALES 2023
spraying machine express coatingspraying machine express coating
Express Coating Machine
Sale price£82.83 Regular price£110.36
SALES 2023
drill bit tile and glass 10 pieces
Tile and Glass Drill Bit (10 pieces)
Sale price£27.61 Regular price£33.05
SALES 2023
dangle measuring ruler
Angle Measuring Ruler
Sale price£21.26 Regular price£24.16
SALES 2023
gauge for contour duplication
Contour Duplication Gauge
Sale price£20.71 Regular price£23.39
SALES 2023
Rolling Knee Pad
Sale price£52.31 Regular price£67.63