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Triangular sink drainer

Triangular sink drainer

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Save a lot of space around your sink with this triangular sink drainer! 

It is the almost indispensable kitchen accessory. It is both practical and multifunctional. Not only does this drainer allow you to drain your fruits and vegetables... but it can also be used as a storage shelf for sponges, dishwashing liquid, etc. Plus, it fits easily into almost any type of sink.  

This drainer has a suction cup that allows it to be easily attached to any type of surface. You don't have to glue or drill the surface in question. 

Triangular sink drainer
Triangular sink drainer

🔶 Convenient and multi-purpose: can be used as a storage shelf, drainer or colander, fruit basket, etc. Corrosion resistant and easy to clean. Can be reused. 

🔶 Triangle shape: Not bulky and easily placed on the corner of the sink. Easy to place on any surface such as glass, marble, metal or ceramic. 

🔶 Easy to install: Easy to install, no need to drill or glue. It is easily fixed on the corner of the sink thanks to a suction cup which can support a rather important load without falling.

Ensures proper water drainage: this drainer is equipped with holes to ensure rapid drainage, limiting water accumulation and the growth of bacteria.

Can be used almost anywhere: one of the strengths of this innovative drainer is that it can be used on any smooth surface: walls, tiles...   


  • Materials: Food grade plastic   

  • Color : Beige, Grey, Blue

  • Dimensions: 26 x 14,2 x 10 cm  


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