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Portable electric food box

Portable electric food box

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Treat your family to a fresh and hot meal anytime with our new portable electric food box!  

It is distinguished by its modern design. You can take it anywhere you want. 

Say goodbye to cold or tasteless meals. You can enjoy a good meal without waiting in line at the restaurant.

Enjoy your homemade meals in the places of your choice.   

Portable electric food box
Portable electric food box

🔶 Easy to hold.

You can carry it and lift it anywhere you go. It has a safety lock that ensures its durability over time, but also its reliability.  

🔶 Its heated frame allows you to clean it easily.

In addition, this box made from food grade material does not contain any chemical substances to the body. These materials are also environmentally friendly and do not harm your health.  

This food box has a centralized optimum power of 40 w and therefore consumes little energy. This means you can enjoy delicious, melt-in-the-mouth dishes.

Prepare your delicious steamed and heated dishes easily with this electric food box. 

You save a lot of time, but also preserve the flavor and quality of each ingredient. You can also use it in your car. In this case, you can prepare pre-cooked food.     


  • Power : 40 W  

  • Dimensions : 23,5 x 16,5 x 11 cm  

  • Capacity : 1,05 L  

  • Weight : 670 g 

  • Material: PP (food grade)  


  • 1 portable electric food box     

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