Kitchen Adjustable storage board

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Want convenient storage and less expensive?  

An effective solution is available! Turn any space in your home into a beautiful closet with these adjustable boards.

What could be more annoying than not knowing how to store and where to put all your clothes?

If you don't have a closet, you cancreate one quickly and efficiently with these adjustable storage boards. You can use them in a laundry room, mudroom, hallway, closet, office, basement... or just a small space near the wall. 

By storing your clothes properly, you keep them in the best possible condition. That's right, clothes that aren't stored properly can get wrinkled quickly, or even completely ruined over time. 

Kitchen Adjustable storage board
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🔶 Designed with iron bars and ABS plastic material, the closet board is very sturdy. Its beautiful, sleek design fits easily into any space.

🔶 You can make a real shelf with these adjustable boards. Just adjust the height you want.

🔶 It is important to note that the maximum load of the shelves is 50 kg. It is therefore strongly recommended not to exceed this load.

Overall, the shelves can support about 20 kg on average. It is recommended to place heavy items on the bottom shelf. Light items should be placed on the top shelf.  


  • Type of installation: wall mounting  

  • Characteristic: ecological  

  • Width : 24 cm  

  • Length: 3 possible adjustable sizes (30-40 cm- 38-55 cm- 50-80 cm)  

  • Material: plastic  


  • 1 * Adjustable kitchen storage board                                 

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