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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 products
manual weed whacker anti derapant
Garden Manual Weeder Tool Set
Sale price£20.62 Regular price£26.59
paving mould for garden tiles
Paving stone mould for garden tiles
Sale price£24.66 Regular price£33.06
swimming pool cleaning tablet
Swimming pool cleaning tablets
Sale price£17.70 Regular price£21.92
detachable led lighting for tentDetachable LED Tent Light
Detachable Led light for tent
Sale priceFrom £22.63 Regular price£29.81
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automatic watering systemautomatic watering system
Automatic sprinkler system
Sale priceFrom £20.17 Regular price£25.87
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solar lamp with motion sensor set of 3
Solar lamp with motion sensor set of 3
Sale price£40.57 Regular price£52.51
fabric safety band tray
Raised fabric belt tray
Sale priceFrom £22.14 Regular price£25.40
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solar garden flashlightsolar garden flashlight
Solar garden flashlight
Sale priceFrom £27.61 Regular price£33.05
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gardening gloves garden gloves
Garden gloves
Sale price£19.58 Regular price£21.81
sharpener for lawn mower blades gardening
Gardening Mower Blade Sharpener
Sale price£18.69 Regular price£22.04
solar lantern with vascillating flamesolar lantern with vascillating flame
Solar lantern with flickering flame
Sale priceFrom £26.48 Regular price£35.97
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electric telescopic shakertelescopic electric shaker
Electric telescopic pruning shears
Sale priceFrom £132.13 Regular price£179.38
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mini gardening knife
Mini gardening knife
Sale price£16.77 Regular price£17.88
bionic fountain with solar energy
Solar powered bionic fountain
Sale price£24.66 Regular price£28.92