Solar powered bionic fountain

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A beautiful and efficient fountain for your garden? 

Running solely on solar power, this solar-powered bionic fountain is an affordable and efficient pump that requires no electricity or batteries!

The simple design eliminates the need for wires, and the suction cups on the bottom of the kit allow it to stay where you want it or float freely on the water. Change the nozzle heads for different water effects and place the kit in direct sunlight for best results.

The solar fountain pump floats on the water and does not need any external power source or battery. This product is suitable for bird bath, fish tank, small pond, garden decoration, water circulation for oxygen, etc.

Solar powered bionic fountain
Solar powered bionic fountain

🔶 Decorate your garden with style: Cool the air and increase the humidity, use it as a water fountain or a water feature. The solar powered water pump will create a relaxing atmosphere for your garden.

🔶 Environmentally friendly: powered by solar panel, no bulky cables, no mains power, quick installation. The pump will start working automatically when there is enough sunlight, without battery or electricity.

🔶 6 different spray heads: The solar water fountain comes with 6 different sized spray heads. You can easily change the spray head to get different water flow rates to bring more fun to the garden.


Operating at a quiet level, the motor inside thissolar powered fountainproduces no noise, giving you a silent environment. Floating and self-contained, just place it on the water without any accessories, free to move at will to different locations, no need to install the pump. 


  • Solar panel: 8 V  

  • Pump power: 1W  

  • Battery: 7V 1000mAh  

  • Maximum flow rate : 210L / H  

  • Maximum water height : 50cm  

  • Dimensions:  13.5cm * 3.8cm 


  • 1* Solar fountain                           

  • 6 * Nozzles  

  • 1 * Fitting   

  • 1 *  Adapter     

  • 1 *  User manual 

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