Garden Manual Weeder Tool Set

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Are weeds invading your garden?

Weeding your garden will be a breeze with this tool. 

No more digging big holes to pull out weeds.

Featuring a curved lever base, this  stainless steel hand weeding tool is compact and ideal for weeding.

Thanks to this manual weeder It will then be  easy for you to pull out the stem and roots of the weed with the forks.

Garden Manual Weeder Tool Set
Garden Manual Weeder Tool Set
Garden Manual Weeder Tool Set
Garden Manual Weeder Tool Set

🔶 Composition: this weeding tool is made of high-quality materials: stainless steel metal base for durability and solid wood handle for ergonomics. It is rust-resistant and beautifully polished.

🔶 Usage: Place the curved metal base on the ground and dig around the roots to pull and remove weeds. Using the sharp point, dig and push out roots, stems and leaves. 

Easy to use and guaranteed for life!

With its metal base, this weeding tool is still the best!

With its V-shaped design it digs deeper than other weeders. Made of good quality materials: stainless steel.

Equipped with an ergonomic handle: less effort required!

Thanks to its composition, this tool is guaranteed for life. It can be a great gardening gift: indoor as well as outdoor garden tool, it is perfect for men and women gardeners, beginners or experienced.


  • Weight: 0,28 kg 

  • Package size : 20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm    

  • Material: Wood and steel  


  • One garden weeder

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