Raised fabric belt tray

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Are you looking for an ideal support to grow your plants? This fabric flowerbed is just what you need!  

This raised fabrictray provides the perfect environment for your plants to grow. You save on water and fertilizer. You can install it in a few minutes and without any material.

Raised fabric belt tray
Raised fabric belt tray

🔶 DURABLE: this fabric raised bed is made with a durable and good quality geotextile. This flower bed is durable and will last for many years.

🔶 EASY TO INSTALL: to set it up, unfold it and fill with potting soil. You can use it to grow vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruits.

When the temperature is high, the fabric bed releases excess heat to protect the roots. During cold seasons, the fabric warms up quickly. In rainy seasons, it will not drown the plants, as excess water seeps to the bottom of the bag.

This bed is suitable for plants, flowers, fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits and so on. It is the best choice for gardeners.


  • 127cm x 30cm = 86 gallons of soil

  • 90cm x 30cm = 43 gallons of soil

  • 80cm x 30cm = 36 gallons of soil

  • 70cm x 30cm = 26 gallons of soil

  • 60cm x 20cm = 12 gallons of soil

  • 50cm x 20cm= 8 gallons of soil


  • 1x Special gardening cloth tray   

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