Paving stone mould for garden tiles

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Would you like to make your cement tiles yourself?

With the paver mold for garden tiles, you can make your own cement tiles. Thanks to its beautiful decorations and its solidity, the formwork with the paver mold is made for your tiling work. 

Easy to use and strong due to its patented composition. It is possible to create several possible finishes with your own style and fill the empty spaces with mixed sand. 

Paving stone mould for garden tiles
Paving stone mould for garden tiles

🔶 It can be used for your patio, poolside, driveway and yard. You can customize your own garden to make it unique in style.

🔶  It is possible to clean the paving mould with a garden hose so that it can be reused afterwards.

🔶 After the first pour, the mold can be reused. It is important not to wait too long to avoid that it is difficult to remove. 

Easy to use, with the tile paver mold, you don't particularly need any special skills to easily landscape your yard.

Depending on the thickness of the tile you want to have that will depend on the volume of cement to be poured.For the garden and first floor tiles, it is better to use a wet cement mix. As for the higher garden floor, it will be necessary to use a rigid cement mixture.  


  • Examination of the ground and installation of the formwork.  

  • Preparation of the cement and pouring of the mixture into the mold.  

  • For a smooth finish, use a spatula and remove the formwork.  

  • For a unique garden, create your own style.  


  • 1 x concrete slab walking path manufacturer mold 

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