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Swimming pool cleaning tablets

Swimming pool cleaning tablets

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Do you like to swim but have a phobia of germs?    

Your pool water must be properly treated and disinfected with the right product to keep it clean and pure. 

That's why these pool cleaning tablets have been specially designed to effectively eliminate bacteria, algae and other unwanted organisms.

These tablets are made from safe, high quality substances to prevent chlorine loss in direct sunlight. This makes the pool safer and more skin-friendly.        

Swimming pool cleaning tablets
Swimming pool cleaning tablets

🔶 Safe product: the tablets are non-toxic, safe and non-irritating for the skin. They make your pool water pure and healthy after cleaning. 

🔶 High efficiency: they are able to clean your pool more effectively to maintain clear, limpid and perfectly clean water.

🔶 UV protection: they protect your pool's chlorine, as well as all useful organic components from the sun's harmful rays. 

🔶 An anti-bacterial disinfectant: they quickly and effectively eliminate bacteria and prevent the growth of algae to keep the water pure and healthy

These tablets clean the pool in the most effective way and purify its function considerably so that there is no more dirt. They can keep it clean for a long time and can be used for a long time.


  • Shelf life : 24 months                                         

  • Net Weight: 100 g 


  • 1 Box of Pool Cleaning Tablets (100 pieces) 

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