New 3D 90 degree carpenter's ruler

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Looking for a ruler to better measure different types of surfaces? 

Here is the tool you are looking for!

This 3D 90 Degree Carpenter's Ruler is suitable for your handyman work. Don't hesitate to use it for carpentry and construction work.

New 3D 90 degree carpenter's ruler
New 3D 90 degree carpenter's ruler

🔶 Very easy to use, this ruler can be used as a marking gauge for parallel lines. Also use it as a drill guide to know the diameter of the drill. 

🔶 This ruler helps you in your carpentry or construction work. It also allows you to work in a more efficient and consistent manner.

The ruler is graduated in inches and centimeters. You can use it to install your tiles, pavers or bricks. It is also handy for creating arches or plumb cuts.


  • Dimensions: 15 x 27.5 x 6.6 cm   


  • 1x 90 degree 3D carpenter's rule

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