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There is nothing more annoying than breaking the head of a bolt or stripping screws!

This premium quality screw extractor kit will allow you to quickly remove damaged head screws. With this revolutionary tool, you have the ability to remove them with ease, in less than 10 seconds.

The effectiveness of this patented process is proven. Indeed, as an example, with this screw extractor, it is possible to remove damaged screws of 10 cm length in a redwood.

This DIY tool is perfect for carpenters, professionals, DIY enthusiasts and home users. The latter can use the house for their DIY work. 



Screw extractor
Screw extractor
Screw extractor
Screw extractor

🔶  Very easy to use: A broken bolt can be easily removed.🔶  Ideal for: Carpenters, professionals, weekend do-it-yourselfers and homeowners. The latter can use the house for their DIY work.

🔶 Fast: In less than 10 seconds, it can remove any broken screw. It is made of durable hardened steel

🔶 Suitability: All sizes of bolts and screws and all drills are compatible with the 5-piece screw extractor set. 


This screw extractor kit works on wood and machine screws such as painted screws, hex head screws and plate screws.


  • Material: steel 

  • Length: approx. 52mm/2.05 inch  

  • Width: approx. 8.75mm/0.34 inch


  • 5 pieces screw extractor drills

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