Wire Connector Kit

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Repair your cables with ease! 

Soldering, cutting or stripping have always been practical ways to repair broken cables. Today, there is a faster and more efficient way torepair your cables. It's called T-Tap wire connectors. 

With T-Tap, you no longer have to strip your wire. This type of connector is easy to install. To repair your wire, all you need is acrimping tool

High quality tinned copper: thanks to the tinned copper, the current flow is good and the voltage drops are minimal. Thiswire connector kit prevents wiring failures while reducing the downtime of the device in question.

Robust: One of the strong points of this connector is the robustness of the product. Note that each terminal is made of thick tinned copper plate. This material resists rust.  

Wire Connector Kit

🔶 Easy to install: even amateur DIYers can install this connector with ease. Color-coded tubes make it easy to identify the connector size that fits your needs.  

🔶 Everyday kit: For all your wiring needs, T-Tap wire connectors are the best alternatives to ensure a perfect connection, whether you're working on a science project, tinkering with your car or at home.

🔶 Practical disconnection: less chance of slippage due to the male quick disconnect fitting that locks tightly onto the connectors. 

Maximize your safety with this T-Tap wire connector! This connector is made of copper which makes it a good conductor of electricity. 

Covered with a thick layer of tin, this connector is resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. To reinforce your safety, it is made of fireproof material. Convenient and easy to use: If you want to repair your cables, use this convenient and easy to use method without cutting or stripping the wire. 

To do this, simply electrically insert a wire atmid-span and plug in the male connector. This creates a quick-connect wire termination that you can safely reuse.


  • Maximum recommended voltage: 600 V  

  • Maximum operating temperature: 105° C  

  • Materials: Tinned copper, Nylon  

  • Wire range: 22-18 AWG (Red) / 18-14 AWG (Blue) / 12-10 AWG (Yellow)   


  • 1 Kit of quick connectors (120 pieces)                                                            

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