Heavy-duty construction helmet with solar-powered fan

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Is your work helmet so hot that you can no longer work properly because of your perspiration?   

This ventilating helmet was designed and developed by Qatar's leading scientists to dramatically reduce the temperature of construction workers. This revolutionary protective helmet can lower the temperature by up to 10 degrees Celsius.


It is slightly heavier than a basic helmet. It provides workers with a constant flow of cool air throughout the day. Sweating is reduced and body temperature isregulated at an appropriate level.

Heavy-duty construction helmet with solar-powered fan
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🔶 This helmet requires no batteries and is solar powered, featuring environmentally friendly technology. 

🔶 Developed by leading scientists in Qatar to provide safer and more comfortable working conditions.

🔶 The fan automatically turns on when there is a high sunlight point.

Although it was originally designed for workers constructing the FIFA World Cup stadium in Qatar, it is currently available worldwide, where comfort, health and safety are a concern.


  • Head size : 51 - 60 cm  

  • Material: ABS  

  • Environmental protection, energy saving and high technology.


  • 1 Headset with fan                           

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