Mini portable electric air pump

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Having trouble inflating your tires? Are you looking for a tool to help you inflate your tires? This is what you need.     

This portable pneumatic pump is the solution to your problems. Its compact and ergonomic design allows you to take it everywhere without problems. Very versatile, this pneumatic pump has a lithium battery.


Also benefit from a digital display with which you can check the air pressure.  

Mini portable electric air pump

Mini portable electric air pump

🔶 The pump has a built-in self-lighting system with six ultra-bright balls. You can use it even in the dark. It is equipped with COB High-Light technology for better efficiency.      

🔶 This pump makes it easy to inflate your tires and also prevents them from overfilling. You can actually monitor your tire pressure with the digital display. 

This pump allows switching between four units: 

Kpa / Bar/ Psi/ Kaf. 

It also has an excellent battery life.        


  • Digital display 

  • Wireless  

  • Blu-ray display

  • Preset pressure                                

  • Blu-ray display  


  • 1 x Mini Portable Electric Air Pum

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