Electric cable stripping tool

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Are stripping and connecting cables time-consuming when you're installing electrical equipment?

This cable stripper saves time and energy and is a good help for electricians. It is very convenient and connects the lines safely and efficiently.


This electric cable stripper can greatly reduce the accidents caused by the line. It spontaneously peels off the insulating layer of the wires before twisting them, so things can be done in a minimum time.

Electric cable stripping tool
Electric cable stripping tool

🔶 Improved work efficiency: the wire stripper can twist and strip the wire simultaneously, it can help increase productivity and prevent sore fingers and hand cramps.

🔶 Easy Operation: With a 3/8 " hexagonal shank, it can be attached to the impact screwdriver and power drill for easy operation, helps prevent injuries that repetitive motion can cause. 

🔶 High quality: Made from high quality 45 # precision steel for good performance and high precision quality.

🔶 5-hole design: can connect 2-5 cables at a time, it is very convenient and fast for safe and efficient line connection.

This wire stripper is a tool that every professional electrician should have, especially those who work on an hourly basis. It saves them time in peeling the insulation from cables and connecting the wires. It also gives them the ability to have a nicer and more secure cable joint without having to put in a lot of effort 


  • Type: wire twisting tool 

  • Material: Steel 

  • Size: 90 x 20 x 8.9 mm  


  • 1 Wire stripper        

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