Zipped sports bra

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Does your bra get in the way when you exercise? 

This latest women's sports bra is designed to enhance your gym and workout experience by giving you the maximum support and lift you need during your workouts! 

This sports bra is made from lightweight, breathable, super smooth and stretchy fabrics that provide exceptional moisture wicking to keep you comfortable throughout your workouts. Perfect for yoga, kickboxing, circuit training or high and low intensity activities!  

Zipped sports bra
Zipped sports bra

🔶 Minimize Movement: Whether you're running on a treadmill or playing sports, the sports bra helps minimize breast movement.The sports band compression bra holds the breasts firmly to your chest and is suitable for small to medium breasts.

🔶 Maintaining and protecting the shape of the breasts: Exercise without proper chest support can contribute to pain and discomfort, as well as stretching the skin and ligaments, which can lead to stagnation and sluggish breasts.The sports bra provides support to prevent this condition from occurring prematurely.

🔶 Stay Comfortable: A good sports bra will help eliminate sweat and keep you cool. This sports bra features a variety of fabrics that are lightweight but allow airflow.


This women's wireless sports bra is comfortable and supportive. The running sports bra is breathable and comfortable. It wicks away moisture to keep the body cool and dry. The running sports bra is breathable and comfortable, wicking moisture to keep the body cool and dry. It is also a great bra for relaxation, yoga or sleep.


  • Material: breathable nylon

  • Color : Black / Grey / Blue / Turquoise / Pink / Purple / Beige 

  • Size: S, M, L  

  • Size guide :

    - Waist circumference (cm): 66-70; Size: S

    - Waist size (cm): 70-74; Size: M

    - Waist size (cm): 74-78; Size: L

    - Waist size (cm) : 78-82; Size : XL

    - Waist size (cm) : 72-86; Size : XL

    - Waist circumference (cm) : 86-90; Size : XXL

    - Waist size (cm) : 90-98; Size : XXL

    - Waist size (cm) : 98-106; Size : XXXL    


  • * Zipped Sports Bra       

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