Yoga Strap - Safe Stretch

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Do aches and pains slow you down in your activities?

 Get healthy and improve your range of motion and flexibility with this yoga strap.

It's normal to be sore after a workout, but it's not recommended to be sore for any length of time. If left untreated, muscle soreness and other conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and heel pain can lead to debility.

To help you safely overcome all of these problems, this high quality, durable nylon and premium neoprene strap was designed to treat plantar fasciitis, heel pain, ankle pain, soreness and muscle pain.Yoga Strap - Safe StretchYoga Strap - Safe Stretch

🔶 Portable and User-Friendly: This stretching strap comes with a convenient carrying pouch for foot stretching aid. You can either take the stretching strap to the gym and even to workout, or use it in the office, at home, outdoors, or on a long-distance trip, wherever you go.

🔶 Versatile and easy to use:This leg stretching strap is ideal for athletes, dancers, physical therapists and recovery patients. With the instruction manual, it is more readable even for the beginner to use in physical therapy.


Stretching promotes strength and flexibility in the foot, heel, hamstring, thigh, calf and lower back by using the foot and calf stretcher. By doing so, you can also prevent muscle strains and pulls caused by exercise, yoga, Pilates and other physical activities. The yoga strap allows you to stretch deeply and provides flexibility, foot mobility, range of motion, and overall fitness.


  • Materials: Cotton, polyester

  • Type : Orthopedic support         

  • Color : Black

  • Length : 115 cm

  • Sole : 24 x 14 cm

  • Each loop : 17 × 23 cm


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