Windmill for cats

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Are you looking for a toy that will please your cat? This is made for you! 

Your pet won't be able to live without it. This object has two wings with transparent trays that hold balls, bells, or catnip to please your cat.  

Windmill for cats
Windmill for cats

🔶 The blades rotate to keep your cat busy. It also helps reduce his anxiety. He can spend hours playing with it.

🔶 Your cat will be occupied by this toy and will not have time to make mischief in your absence. This object has been designed so that your pet can play alone.

Your pet can freely and gently rotate the Windmill. You will receive a light ball and two catnip balls with your cat toy.

This windmill can also be chewed by your pet. You should place it on a corner of the house and let your cat enjoy it.  

Features :

  • Color : green, yellow, blue

  • Size : 15,8x7,4x6,9 cm   

Content :

  • 1 × Windmill for cats

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