Wind Chime Sea Turtle

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Looking for the perfect gift for a special person?

The Sea Turtle Wind Chime is perfect for outdoor use, a beautiful addition to your home or garden. It creates a hypnotic spinning effect when blown by the wind.

Not only is this wind chime adorable. It is also a mascot, a symbol of longevity, health, and sweet perseverance for mom, dad, special people.

Wind Chime Sea Turtle

🔶DESIGN RETRO DESIGN: The turtle is a symbol of good fortune, longevity and perseverance. It is an image of the sea, with a beautiful blue, which can enhance the visual effect and drama of any landscape, terrace, lawn or garden.

🔶 UNIQUE AND CHARMING: This wind turbine will bring a lively atmosphere to the dull yard and eliminate people's fatigue and headache. The paint covers the metallic paint and film on different shapes of rotating blades. It also creates a fascinating spinning effect when it blows in the wind.

🔶INSTALLATION WITHOUT Hassle: The art wind chime has a net weight of about 100g and is easy to hang. Drill a hole where you need to install, hang a hook or hang a wind chime directly


The sea turtle is a symbol of good fortune and longevity. It is the image of the sea, with a beautiful blue color. It can enhance any landscape, patio, lawn or garden for an eye-catching and dramatic display. This garden weathervane catches the breeze from any direction, giving color, movement and sparkle to your yard. It's also a stunning garden decoration for your garden-loving friend.


  • Dimensions : 30 cm * 38 cm


  • Material: Metal


  • 1 * Wind Chime Sea Turtle

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