Wet blasting kit for high pressure cleaning

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Are you planning to give your car a facelift to get rid of excess mud and rust?   

This wet sanding kit is the fastest way to turn your pressure washer into a portable sanding machine. Use it on almost any surface and with several different holders, this sanding accessory installs quickly and creates NO DUST! The kit supports plug-and-play.

This sanding kit takes the guesswork out of it. Just quickly connect to your pressure washer hose and start blasting. Eliminate old paint, remove rust, or easily clean grime from metal or concrete.

Wet blasting kit for high pressure cleaning
Wet blasting kit for high pressure cleaning

🔶 Durable material: The blasting device is made of durable material. It has good performance against corrosion and wear. The life cycle of the product is longer than other products.

🔶 Multifunctional: The perfect sandblasting tube for watering your garden, lawn, grass and flower beds. It's also great for washing your car and cleaning pets.

🔶 Super Convenient 1/4 Quick Cap: This handy sanding tool comes with a 1/4 quick cap. It offers a thorough and quick cleanup. It is lightweight, easy to carry and easy to use. It will satisfy your quick cleaning needs, but won't waste your time.


It has stable features, high reliability. Compared with other products, this sanding kit lasts longer and is more durable. Our product is your best choice. Besides, it is easy to use, just attach it to your pressure washer and start removing all the dirt.


  • Materials: Tungsten Carbide + Stainless Steel + Brass 

  • Pressure washer blasting kit, 4000 PSI 

  • 6.3 mm male connector to connect to pressure washer  

  • 5.49 m sand suction tube for easy application


  • 1 x Wet Blast Kit for Pressure Washers  

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