Waterproof silicone shoe covers

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Keep your shoes white and clean, even when it rains ?  

Always keep your shoes clean with these waterproof silicone shoe covers

They are fully waterproof, so they are definitely the ideal solution to keep your shoes dry and in perfect condition. 

They are a must for cyclists, runners, workers in the mud or hikers or simply people who want to protect their shoes from rain or mud.     

Waterproof silicone shoe covers
Waterproof silicone shoe covers

🔶 Shoe covers made from ultra-soft, thick and especially stretchy silicone. 

🔶 They are completely waterproof and is able to keep your shoes clean and shiny. 

🔶 Shoe covers with a non-slip sole that prevents you from slipping no matter what surface you are walking or running on.  

The waterproof shoe covers are available in several sizes, the small size for children's shoes from 18 to 30, the medium size for women's shoes from 35 to 42 and the large size for men's shoes from 42 to 45.


  • Material : silicone  


    - Size S (child) : 18 à 30 

    - Size M : 35 à 42 

    - Size L : 42 à 45


  • 1 Shoe cover             

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