Waterproof make-up foundation

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Does your foundation come off with the slightest drop of water? Do your scars make you feel less confident?  

This waterproof foundation provides exceptional coverage with a natural-looking finish for your entire face and body. You can apply it not only to your entire face, but also to your body if you need to correct your skin tone (to make it lighter or darker) or to cover skin blemishes.  

This waterproof foundation has a long-lasting effect and covers minor and major skin imperfections perfectly, even in thin layers.

This hypoallergenic, dermatologically and clinically tested foundation is the first of its kind with extremely high coverage containing 50% pigmentation. From small discolorations on your face to large tattoos on your body, there's nothing this foundation can't hide.

Waterproof make-up foundation
Waterproof make-up foundation

🔶 EXTREME COVERAGE: Get the flawless skin you've always wanted. Use it as a concealer for dark under-eyes, skin discolorations, pimples, acne scars, surgical bruises and even tattoos!

🔶 ALL DAY LONG:When you're ready to go, you need makeup that can keep up. With our long-wearing formula, you can say goodbye to touch-ups and say hello to the irresistible urge to be all day.

🔶 GET YOUR TRUE SHADE MATCH: Get that fresh, natural beauty no matter what shade you have. From light to warm tones, there are 19 unique variations to choose from.


By setting a very small amount of this waterproof foundation, you can already cover a lot of your skin. You will surely be amazed at how long a tube lasts. Because of its long-lasting formulation, this product is the foundation of choice for top professional makeup artists for photo shoots, film shoots and runway productions.  


  • Waterproof  
  • Hypoallergenic  

  • Sun protection SPF30             

  • For all skin types  

  • 30 grams per tube  


  • 1 * Waterproof foundation  

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