Waterproof emergency sleeping bag

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Do you like to sleep in nature? This survival bag is ideal for you! 

It will allow you to walk in the nature. This sleeping bag will help you deal with all situations that may arise such as accidents or illness and natural disasters.  Waterproof emergency sleeping bagWaterproof emergency sleeping bag

🔶 It is indeed necessary to be prepared for anything in order to have a good stay. This Waterproof Emergency Sleeping Bag is an essential part of your survival kit. In order to have an unforgettable experience, you need to be prepared for everything. 

🔶Your survival kit should be equipped with tools for all situations. The Waterproof Emergency Sleeping Bag is suitable for all emergency situations. It provides you with good insulation regardless of external temperatures. It keeps your body at the right temperature.

Its very compact size is ideal to store it in any bag orstorage box. When opened, this sleeping bag extends to 200 cm in length and 91 cm in width. It is also very lightweight and is both windproof and waterproof. You can use it no matter what the weather conditions.   This sleeping bag is suitable for all youroutdoor activities like hiking, camping, skiing... You can keep it in your car at all times.  


  • Materials:P.E.T  

  • Color: Orange

  • Usage: Sleepping Bag                                 


  • 1x Emergency Waterproof Sleeping Bag

  • 1x Cover 

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