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Waterproof anti-leakage adhesive tape

Waterproof anti-leakage adhesive tape

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Are you looking for a strong adhesive to seal leaks in your pipes?

This tape is an extremely durable waterproof tape that seals out water, air and moisture to create an ultra-strong bond that can repair virtually anything. 

It is ideal for sealing gas stove, sink, toilet, bathtub and wall seams, it could prevent them from molding and blackening.  

It is a super waterproof rubberized tape. It is made from a rubberized material that is thick enough to be reliable but also flexible enough to accommodate any curve or bend.

Waterproof anti-leakage adhesive tape
Waterproof anti-leakage adhesive tape

🔶 PROFESSIONAL QUALITY REPAIR :  The tape features a reinforced rubber liner that follows the curves and overall profile of the leaking surface. It resists abrasion and drilling and allows people to make professional quality repairs and seals on their most valuable investments.

🔶 100% WATERPROOF SEAL: Slide this tape over a wet, leaking hole or crack and watch it not only stick instantly, but seal tightly and stop the flow of water at its source

🔶 A MUST FOR HOMEOWNERS: A perfect solution to interior and exterior waterproofing needs, from leaky roofs and gutters to weathered sheds, garages and outbuildings. 


Rubberized tape is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions year-round, from bitter cold and soggy rain to scorching sun and sweltering heat near fireplaces and wood stoves. Mold, smoke and flame resistant, it is designed for use inside or outside above ground pools, water tanks, drums and liquid or moisture storage containers.  


  • Type : Repair tape

  • Color : Black

  • Dimensions : 10,2 * 1,52 * 0,5 cm 

  • Length : 1,52 m 

  • Insulation : 800 Volts

  • Temperature range: - 60°C to 260°C 

  • Pressure: Up to 5 bar


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