Watermelon Cutter with Reel

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Simplify the way you eat with this watermelon slicer !

This innovative  watermelon cutter is worth discovering! It is equipped with an automatic cutting blade with which you could prepare and enjoy your watermelon salad in a few moments. Push it into the watermelon to get refreshing cubes.

Watermelon Cutter with Reel
Watermelon Cutter with Reel
Watermelon Cutter with Reel
Watermelon Cutter with Reel

🔶 This accessory comes with an automatic blade. Push the watermelon cutter into the watermelon, and voila, nothing could be easier!

🔶 Bite size: to get a perfect size, cut the watermelon into 1-inch cubes. Quick and efficient to get nice watermelon cubes on your plate.

🔶 High quality: this tool will not rust and is water-resistant due to its manufacturing material, it's stainless steel


  • Size: 3 cm * 30  

  • Material: stainless steel + polypropylene

  • Shape: windmill


  • 1 windmill cutter                         

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