Water-saving tap with 360° rotation

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Looking for a more efficient way to wash dishes and degrease your kitchen utensils quickly?  

This faucet aerator has been ranked as the #1 kitchen tool to own in 2020.  

Featuring a design with water outlet control knob, you can adjust the amount of water according to your demand, not just a choice. It allows you to save water, so you can clean your sink or wash your food ingredients effortlessly!  

This faucet aerator has a 360 degree swiveland tilt to provide a perfect angle. Easy to install and use, you don't need to acquire any special tool, you can install it immediately by hand.  

Water-saving tap with 360° rotation
Water-saving tap with 360° rotation

🔶 Three adjustable modes:This faucet aerator is designed with a water flow control knob, you can adjust the amount of water according to your demand, not just a choice.  

🔶 High quality material:The filter of the faucet spout is made of high quality PP and PVC, and the fitting is made of stainless steel, strong and wear-resistant. 

🔶  Easy to install: Installation requires no special skills or tools, just make sure your faucet fits the product and is ready to use. 


The faucet aerator can be installed on the faucet of kitchen, sink, bathroom and toilet and in public places. It has a high quality rubber pad in the interface that ensures a good seal and effective leak prevention. In addition, its 3-mode spray design saves 30-70% of water. 


  • Type : Aerator  

  • Materials: ABS + silicone + stainless steel 

  • Application: Bathroom, kitchen

  • Rotation: 360 degrees  

  • 3 modes: Very high pressure flow, high pressure flow, normal flow


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