Water fountain for cats

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Does your cat like to drink from the tap or put his paws in his water bowl to make waves?


Cats generally like moving water. In the wild, stagnant, still water is very likely to be contaminated, so they usually stay away from it. Fountains are a great way to keep your cat more attracted to the idea of drinking water. Better hydration leads to better health all around.

The USB-enhanced cat water fountain offers an ultra-quiet design. Plus, it features a replaceable carbon filter (#3091) for clean, pure, healthy water.

Water fountain for cats
Water fountain for cats

🔶 High efficiency filtration system : Various purification systems can clean and soften water, while filtering out hair, sediment and impurities, to get more oxygen and freshness from the water. Ensure the safety of drinking water for pets. 

🔶 With blue LED function : LED lights can guide the location of pet water dispensers, cats and dogs can safely drink water at night.

🔶 Easy to clean : The automatic cat water fountain is made of high quality ABS and PP, easy to disassemble and clean; the transparent frame allows you to observe the filling amount at any time.


Free your hands starting today. No need to frequently add water to your pet's bowl and worry about them not having water to drink when no one is home. With this automatic drinking fountain, your pet can drink clean water at any time. The drinking fountains mimic a faucet to attract cats and dogs and encourage pets to drink more water. Pets are not frightened.

Features :

  • Materials : ABS + PP + cotton filter

  • Color : transparent + white + blue light

  • Size : about 20 * 20 * 24 cm / 7.87 * 7.87 * 9.45 inches

  • Weight : about 0.45 kg

  • Capacity : 2L

  • Charging : USB (universal)

  • Lighting : blue LED light

Content :

  • 1 * water dispenser 

  • 1 * USB water pump                                                           

  • 1 * cotton filter

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