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Water fountain for cats

Water fountain for cats

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Have you ever seen your cat licking water from a dripping faucet?  

Cats prefer to drink moving water rather than the plain water found in their bowls. Because many cats get most of their water from the food they eat and are often fed kibble, many cats are in a constant state of dehydration. One study showed that one in three cats has the symptom of dehydration that leads to kidney disease.


With this problem in mind, we found a solution and got the contract to bring you the BEST WATER FOUNTAIN FOR CATS. The cat water fountain will encourage your kitten to drink by attracting her with the sound of flowing water and the LED light at night!  

Water fountain for cats
Water fountain for cats

🔶 Visible water level: equipped with LED to see the water level. When you are working the LED is blue, the LED is red when not in use. The product does not work until the water level exceeds the pump. Powered by USB cable. Safe, hygienic, convenient and dishwasher safe.

🔶 Ergonomic design: 3 water flow settings: floral waterfall, flower bubble and soft fountain. The recessed sink and water circulation system of the dog water dispenser are designed to increase the contact area of water and air, and provide more oxygen to the water, bringing health and vitality to pets.

🔶 Super quiet and low power consumption: with the super quiet pump, you can barely hear the sound of water, which does not affect you and your pet. With low power consumption of 2W, the pump can run for a total of 20,000 hours, and run dry for up to a week.


The cat fountain is equipped with a unique 3-layer replaceable filter that can effectively filter out hair, odor and chlorine. Therefore, the fountain can give cleaner water to pets and reduce the risk of disease development. The built-in activated carbon bag made from coconut shells absorbs odors and bad tastes while the ion exchange resin bag softens the water by removing calcium and magnesium.  


  • Materials: anti-bacterial plastic and stainless steel 

  • Water capacity: 2.4 liters (80 oz) 

  • Dimensions: 18.6 cm (diameter) x 13.1 cm (height)

  • Power supply: via USB


  • 1 *Water Fountain

  • 1 *USB Cable

  • 1 * Charcoal Filter

  • 1 * Instruction manual in English           

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