Vacuum cleaner nozzle with suction tube

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How can you effectively clean every corner of your home? Are you looking for an accessory to use your vacuum cleaner better? Here is what you need! 

Dust more easily with this dust and lint vacuum cleaner. It is recommended for a quick and easy cleaning. In addition, the Nozzle with Suction Tube fits all vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaner nozzle with suction tube
Vacuum cleaner nozzle with suction tube

🔶 The tip of this Vacuum Tube is ideal for vacuuming all the nooks and crannies of your home and furniture. This makes it more efficient than the conventional models.

🔶 Its size of more than 1 meter long is suitable for de-scaling all types of surfaces . It is then possible to use it both outside and inside.

This allows you to clean thoroughly in your vent or dryer. It is then easier to dust all your objects. You can also use to clean your dryer.

This vacuum cleaner is also suitable for cleaning computers, keyboards, air-conditioning, intervention of shelves, bed, sofa, table etc.  


  • Applicable area: 51 to 100 square meters

  • Size: 35 x 6 cm  

  • Length of hose: 85 cm  


  • 1 vacuum cleaner adapter                         

  • 1 hose clamp

  • 1 suction hose

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