USB Cup Warmer

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Nothing beats a good hot coffee or tea at any time of the day! 

Always keep your coffee or tea hot with this USB cup warmer.

This USB cup warmer is ingenious! It's a coaster to keep your drink warm! Whether it is: coffee, tea, infusion, water, soup!

It is made of wood, stylish, charming, clever, discreet, portable, and suitable for any home! It plugs into any USB power source.

Lightweight, compact size, quirky, easy to carry, great for home and office, it will heat up your favorite drink in an instant.

USB Cup Warmer
USB Cup Warmer
USB Cup Warmer
USB Cup Warmer

🔶  Heated coaster: finish the chilled coffee or tea! Warm it up with the USB cup warmer and in just minutes!

🔶 Available with wood grain pattern: this cup warmer is ideal for a small coffee, tea, or just hot water.

Then place your cup of tea, coffee, or chocolate on the dish and it will heat the contents of the cup to a constant temperature of about 60°C.

You can now work non-stop or forget about time while surfing the internet without your drink getting cold! This really ingenious gadget with a fun design will change your life at work.

A great gift idea for the avid tea or coffee drinker or co-worker!  


  • Coaster diameter : 10.3 cm    

  • Hot plate diameter : 7.5 cm      

  • Woodgrain pattern

  • Heated coaster

  • USB power source connection


  • 1 * USB Cup Warmer               

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