Usable jar bags

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Do you want to better organize the contents of your refrigerator? This solution is made for you. 

Use these Reusable Jar Bags to keep your food in the fridge for a long time. They feature a zipper closure that keeps your food looking good for a long time.

Usable jar bags
Usable jar bags

🔶 These bags feature an excellent seal. They insulate your food from the air to better preserve it. They also prevent moisture and dust from getting inside.

🔶 This optimizes the preservation of your food. This is not the case with regular plastic bags. Avoid the waste! In addition these Jars Bags are Reusable are easy to use.

Keeping your food in an airtight container is very convenient with these jar bags. Don't hesitate to order several to keep your food fresh.


  • Medium Size : 14 * 19,5 cm                                 

  • Large Size : 17 * 24,3 cm  

  • Small Size : 11 * 15 cm  


  • 1x Pack of 10 pieces reusable freezer bags  

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