Unbreakable wooden magic toy

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Are your kids bored with the rather mundane toys they see every day?   

This magical wooden toy is so wonderful that it will surely impress your children and maybe even your friends. You can play the magician by impressing them with this puppet that moves by itself. Even adults will be amazed. 

This magical toy collapses and shatters into many pieces but magically reshapes itself. It is also able to jump when you hit it with the little hammer.

 Made of high quality wood, this toy is incredibly sturdy and can withstand any impact that children might put it through. It is non-toxic and safe  

Unbreakable wooden magic toy
Unbreakable wooden magic toy

🔶 Magic Toy: A magic jump to avoid hammering. Even if it is knocked down and collapses, it magically reshapes (rebuilds) itself.

🔶 High quality: Made of high quality wood, durable and comfortable to use, it is suitable for parent-child and friend interactive games, bringing more joy.

🔶 Unique design: exquisite design, charming appearance, magical remodeling, easy to attract the attention of children and adults. It is a great and magical gift for them.

Ability to explore thought

This wooden educational toy can mobilize children's brain, let them think about the fact that the wooden blocks reshape automatically, improves children's thinking ability, mobility and personal exploration ability.


  • Material : wood

  • Colour: as shown in the picture         


  • 1 * Unbreakable wooden magic toy  

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