Ultra lightweight retractable stool

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Want to sit comfortably and lightly? Don't hesitate to choose our excellent ultra light retractable stool!  

This ultra light retractable stool is made of very resistant biodegradable polymer! With this retractable stool, no more back pain.  

Enjoy every moment of your life.  

With its lightness, carry it wherever you want! The total extension of this retractable stool is 45.5 cm high and its retraction reaches a compact size of 6 cm thick.  

Ultra lightweight retractable stool
Ultra lightweight retractable stool

🔶 How to use?Store this stool easily thanks to its small size and lightness. This stool is an excellent camping chair: ideal for outdoor activities. 

🔶 Rest assured, it's ideal and comfortable: wherever you go, stay in comfort with this Ultra Lightweight Retractable Stool! Put yourself totally at ease with this retractable stool. Plus, its height is adjustable.  

🔶 Material composition: Stool made entirely of quality polyamide: This stool is 6 cm thick and 25 cm in diameter when fully retracted. It weighs 1.22 kg and has an adjustable handle or shoulder strap for easy carrying. No matter the height, it can support up to 130 kg. 


  • Place your fingers in the loop. 


  •  Stretch outward to the desired height.    


  •  Finished, your stool is ready to be used. 


  •  To fold, rotate counterclockwise.     


  • Open, up to 45.5 cm high  

  • Equipped with an adjustable handle or shoulder strap 

  • Lightweight and transportable design. 

  • 6 cm thick and 25 cm diameter when retracted 

  • Multiple height options  

  • Perfect for your gardening work, for daily use and for all your 

    for all your outdoor activities 


  • 1* Ultra lightweight retractable stool 

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