Ultimate abdominal stimulator

Position: Legs
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Do you want to have a muscular body without having to move from home?

Opt for the ultimate ab stimulator, a revolutionary device that helps you eliminate belly fat effortlessly and stimulate muscle fiber. Easy to install on abs, biceps, glutes and other body parts.

15 levels of intensity, meeting yourtraining requirements are offered by this device. Thanks to this stimulator, find the figure you would like to have. 

Ultimate abdominal stimulator
Ultimate abdominal stimulator

Do not use under the following conditions:

🔶  Individuals wearing any type of device and having undergone a transplant, patients who have recently undergone surgery in the arm or abdomen part, the healing process could be disturbed,

🔶 Patients affected by neurological disease (epilepsy), while driving, people with poor circulation, during pregnancy and the 2 months following childbirth,

🔶 People with cancer, female subjects allergic to hydrogel pads and to avoid demolishing the device, do not put next to a fire or an oven.

How to use :

  • Insert the corresponding batteries (AAA 1.5v) and make sure that the polarity (negative and positive side) is correctly installed.
  • Attach the control unit to the pad, and make sure everything is connected.
  • Remove the plastic protection from the gel pads.
  • Put the device on the arms or the abdomen.


Once you have pressed the ON button and selected a program (1-4), be sure to press the same button again, even repeatedly, for the control unit to perform the contractions.

The unit should be pressed firmly against your skin so that you can feel the contractions. 


  • Materials: High quality plastic 

  • Color : Black  

  • Usage: To have firm abdominal muscles  


  • 1x Abdominal Stimulator                   

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