Two-Sided Silicone Back Scrubber Set

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Are you upset that you can't reach your back when you take a bath?    

This silicone bath brush is a powerful bath scrub made of 100% silicone that provides a powerful scrub while protecting your skin from scratches like ordinary loofahs. It is a painless way to deep clean hard to reach skin.  

It effectively cleanses pores and removes dirt, excess oil and dead skin for smoother, more moisturized skin.The silicone bath brush has double-sided lines with silicone bristles and bumps that make deep cleansing more effective.It can also be used as a massager for arms, feet, legs and back. 

Made of food grade silicone, this two-way bath brush is healthy and environmentally friendly, BPA free and free of harmful substances. 

Two-Sided Silicone Back Scrubber Set
Two-Sided Silicone Back Scrubber Set

🔶 EFFECTIVE CLEANING : This two-way brush provides a gentle and comfortable massage to the back to exfoliate various dirt, it does not damage the skin, suitable for adults, children and the elderly.

🔶 EASY TO CARRY : This exfoliating brush for dry skin is a relaxing process that can be done anytime, anywhere. It can be used at home or on vacation/business trips. Use it in the shower to relieve fatigue and stress.

🔶 EXFOLIATION : It's hard enough to clean your back, yet you can exfoliate? Not at all. At least not if you don't use this back scrub. Flip over to the exfoliating side to gently remove dead skin cells. Exfoliate once or twice a week for smooth, soft, happy skin.


This two-way bath brush with ergonomic handle can help you easily clean the hard-to-reach back, neck, shoulders and feet. It adopts food-grade silica gel, double-sided massage for cleaning, quick drying and sanitizing. It does not promote the growth of bacteria and dust mites. It is soft, comfortable and easy to clean.  

Features :

  • Material : Silicone  

  • Color : Green, Blue, Purple, Pink                  

  • Size : 60 x 11 cm  

  • Weight : 218 g  

Content :

  • 1 * Two-Sided Silicone Back Scrubber Set 

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