Trompe l'oeil wood effect

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Are you looking for a design that is original enough for your home?  

Show off vivid wood grain effects for wall decorating with our wood effect paint kit. Use it to decorate surfaces such as walls, wood and fabric. The tool allows you to paint a beautiful wood grain pattern on the wall. It is the best choice for DIY painters. You can draw a variety of patterns in your favorite styles, create realistic designs, and be amazed when your friends see them.

Designed with simple one-handed motion clips, it is very easy to use. It contains a carefully selected assortment of hand tools needed for most industrial, mechanical and consumer applications. It is easy to use on any flat surface.  

Trompe l'oeil wood effect
Trompe l'oeil wood effect

🔶 DIY beautiful wood patterns : Just use this simple technique to dress up your home or office by simulating the natural patterns of wood grain on painted furniture, cabinets, woodwork. Steel doors and painted surfaces look like wood.

🔶 Create a living wood grain effect: Ergonomic non-slip and plastic handles. Impressively create beautiful knots and wood grain effects. Sturdy and flexible rubber material, it is strong and durable, and allows you to show the vivid wood grain effect.

🔶 Ergonomically designed: easy to use and reusable, easy to clean with water. Designed with ergonomic, non-slip handles, it effortlessly creates beautiful knots and wood grain effects.


This wood graining tool can show you true to life graining effects. It can be used to decorate many surfaces: wall, wood, fabric, canvas, paper. It allows you to decorate your home the way you want.


  • Materials: Rubber + plastic 

  • Weight : 150 g

  • Size : 7,5 × 6,5 cm/3 pouces  

                15 × 6,5 cm/6 pouces     


  • 2 * Trompe l'oeil wood effect  

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