Train horn for car with air compressor

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Attract the attention of passers-by with this car horn! 

Drive your beautiful car with class and elegance, tough as nails with this unusual horn. With its 150 dB, it is sure that everyone will turn around.

Give your car a horn that lives up to your expectations! 

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air horn
air horn fx
air horn target

🔶 Your horn is heard even at long distances. You can be heard even if other drivers are listening to loud music. Your driving will be safer with this horn. The installation is done through the wires of your vehicle

🔶 This horn is suitable for all vehicles using a 12 V battery. It is also necessary to have enough space for its installation and use. This horn is recommended for SUVs, trucks, boats and even motorcycles.

This horn can be installed on almost any vehicle. It uses no air system required, is easy to install, has a shiny chrome finish and sounds just like a train.  

Be careful! This horn is very noisy. Please do not use it near schools or hospitals.


  • Color : Silver  

  • Dimensions of the trumpet : 9 cm  

  • Material: Metal, ABS  

  • Length : 45 cm  

  • Width : 10 cm  


  • 1 x Horn-shaped horn                 

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