Toilet and sink unblocker

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Is your sink often clogged and you are looking for the perfect tool to unclog it easily and quickly? 

Here is the solution! 

With this type of gun, unclog your sink and your toilet with a single trigger.

Place the pump on top for pressure build-up inside the gun. Then place the gun in your sink or toilet when the pressure is sufficient and pull the trigger. A massive blast of air will be sent down your pipes and unclog your drains in an instant.  

Toilet and sink unblocker
Toilet and sink unblocker

🔶 HOW TO USE: To effectively remove clogs from your pipes, this unclogger gun uses high pressure compressed air. Just pump the unclocker gun and pull the trigger and clear the clogs of dirt in an instant. 

🔶 WHAT'S IT FOR?No more using harsh chemicals that can eat away at your pipes or put your family at risk. It destroys clogs in your drains without using these dangerous products or calling a plumber. 

🔶 EFFECTIVENESS: Removes all types of blockages caused by any dirt: hair, cloth, tea, leaves, grease, oil and others. The high pressure air stream these blockages with ease and speed. It adapts to all types of sinks and toilets. 


No need to call a plumber or buy a product containing harsh chemicals with this gun.

With this versatile and effective gun, get rid of clogs of dirt, hair and waste such as ice cream, oil, soft drinks and liquor.

A complete set of accessories is included with this gun to make cleaning and draining your sink or basin easier. 

You'll avoid splashing all over the place and using corrosive chemicals. 

Compared to other unclogging methods, this air gun is perfectly reusable and ecological. 

Easy to use, it works on bathtubs, sinks, and toilets.


  • Weight: 1.86 lbs. 

  • Gun body size: (L) x (L) 23,5 x 28 cm  


  • 1* Toilet and Sink Unclogger Gun

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