Toe corrector

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Are you looking for the best toe straightener at an affordable price? This is what you need!

The toe straightener allows you to correct the misalignment of your toes. Avoid the formation of Hallux Valgus. The orthosis exerts a slight pressure on the toe in question in order to correct its deformation.

Toe corrector
Toe corrector

🔶 We advise you to wear it during the night. You will be able to place it on the toe to be corrected in order to have a better efficiency.

🔶 This corrector is effective against pain caused by hallux valgus as well as pain caused by bunions.

This toe straightener conforms to the shape of your toe. It helps stabilize the arch of the foot and separates the big toe from the second toe. This reduces the pain felt in the toes.


  • Color: white and blue       

  • Size: 5*4*13 cm


  • 2 x toe thumb correctors

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