Thawing plate

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How can you defrost your food in a few minutes without losing its taste? 

The defrosting tray allows you to quickly and naturally defrost your meat or frozen foods.

This super thawing tray is made of high quality heat conductive material to speed up the thawing process considerably.

No chemicals, no smell, no electricity, our thawing tray is the safest way to instantly thaw frozen foods while preserving all the original flavor and nutrition of your food.

Thawing plate
Thawing plate

🔶 Easy to use and clean: Just place the frozen food on the thawing plate and it will thaw faster. No need for hot water, no use of microwave, no fire, no sharp knives. Just run through the dishwasher or use a sponge or cloth to wash.

🔶 Non-slip silicone wedge: The plate features convenient non-slip silicone wedges that grip your work surface to prevent the board from sliding across the table, making it easier to handle your ingredients.

🔶 Superior quality: the non-stick coated defrosting plate makes it easier to remove food from the surface. It has good thermal conductivity which speeds up defrosting.


The defrosting tray is made of conductive aluminum that is extremely efficient in heat transfer. It defrosts food 8 times faster than at room temperature. The time it takes to defrost food depends on its thickness. The plate has a grooved surface design that allows liquid to drain away.


  • Material: Food grade aluminum 

  • Color : Black

  • Application: Rapid defrosting  

  • Size: 23 * 16.5 * 0.2 cm (Medium) / 29.5 * 20.3 * 0.2 cm (Maxi)  


  • 1 * Defrosting plate                                                     

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