Tennis training device

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 How to improve your tennis game? Equip yourself with this device to do so.  

Master your forehand volley easily with this new Tennis Training Device! It is considered to be the best solution to dramatically improve your forehand and stroke. 

Tennis training device
Tennis training device

🔶 This way you can perfect your game on your own or with a partner. The Tennis Training Device is suitable for all ages. It is possible to train while having fun.

🔶 This Training Device comes with a tennis ball attached to a tether. This is then connected to a base that serves as an anchor that will bounce the ball for a new volley.

The equipment is made of high quality material. It is strong and sturdy and can withstand powerful blows! To use it, simply fill the base with water or sand. This will help the device to remain stable even after a fairly violent blow.

This accessory is ideal for playing tennis anywhere. It is suitable for solo practice, you do not need to catch the ball by yourself.  


  • Weight (g): 500  

  • Category: Training ball  

  • Number of shipments: 140  


  • 1x Tennis training kit          

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