Table tennis training board

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You wish to improve your table tennis skills? This accessory is made for you!

Use it as a personal trainer anywhere with this table tennis training stand. Train with this accessory for Ping-Pongs or table tennis more easily. Table tennis training board

Table tennis training board

🔶 This device is ideal for beginners. Perfect your game by installing this device on your ping pong table. This will allow you to practice for as long as you want.  

🔶 This stand is made of high quality PVC that allows it to withstand all the intensity of shocks and strikes. So once fixed on the table, it will be both stable and strong.


 Foldable and can take different shapes   

Suitable for all tennis tables.                     

 Allows you to improve your level of play  Features:

  • Max length of the wire: 47 cm

  • Length of the support: 7,5 cm

  • Material: PVC


  • 3 × Special training balls 

  • 1* Table tennis training rack  

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